How to Build a Positive Social Media Feed

Last year I wrote a post about how I had fallen out of love with social media.  Certainly not an uncommon theme amongst pretty much everyone I know these days.  Being constantly surrounded by perfectly curated meals, abs and wardrobes can quickly go from inspirational to misery making.

As a way of bringing myself back online, I spent one evening culling my social media. I removed any profile that made me feel insecure, upset or I felt may encourage negative behaviours.  Once that was done however, I realised that I didn't have that many people left! It turns out that the life I had built online was a pretty toxic one and was a significant contributor to the isolation & insecurities I was feeling.

I began to focus on those profiles that made me smile, feel uplifted or inspired. Those people who I just wanted to natter with over a huge pizza.  I saw who they were engaging with, and slowly, I began to build a wonderful community of people who reinforced the positive changes I was hoping to make for myself.

So, here is a list of those inspiring, relatable, myth dispelling and generally awesome people who are lighting up my social media feeds at the moment.

The Actual Nutrition Experts

Laura Thomas, Ph.D - To me, Laura is the OG evidence based nutritionist.  She specialises in intuitive eating, non-diet approach & health at every size.  Her podcast 'Don't Salt my Game' is an unbelievable source of inspiration & sound knowledge. If you are promoting a disordered approach to eating you better watch out - Laura takes no prisoners and has taken on everyone from Itsu to Gymbox when it comes to dangerous and ignorant marketing techniques. Follow Laura here: Instagram, Twitter     

Plant Based Pixie - Pixie Turner is a self defined wellness rebel.  There are no morality labels, no restrictions & a hell of a lot of evidence based nutrition in Pixie's world.  her weekly Instagram lives are legendary & cover everything from why carbs aren't bad for you to why you don't need to go vegan just because everyone says you should.  She is inclusive, non judgemental & says f*uck a lot. What more could you want?  Follow Pixie here: Instagram, Twitter

Also make sure you check out: Rhiannon Lambert, The Rooted Project & Maxine Ali.

Body Positivity & Eating Disorder Recovery

Grace Victory - I am currently reading Grace's autobiography and it has made me laugh, cry and generally fit bump myself at every page turn. Grace is known as the internet's big sister and with good reason.  She is full of sage advise, will never allow you to feel embarrassed or shamed about any subject and has the kind of wardrobe you would totally be stealing if it was in the room next to yours.  Follow Grace here:  Instagram, Twitter

Not Plant Based - NPB is a haven for those of us who struggle, or have struggled with unhealthy eating or fitness habits.  Founded by journalists Laura Dennison & Eve Simmons, NPB ultimate aim is to help us fall in love with food again.  Through expert advise, personal memories & many F U's to the diet industry, NPB is a safe space away from the toxicity of diets, full of support & joy. Follow them here: Instagram, Twitter

Also make sure you check out: Body Positive Panda & Nerd About Town

The PTs

Ban Hass - Don't let first impression fool you, Ban may look all motivational quotes & proats but look closer & everything she says in a sharp and spot on dissection of the modern fitness industry.  Not only is she honest about how restrictive, ridiculous & sometimes plain dangerous some of the advice out there is, she is frinkin' hilarious in the process. Any blog post she drops is essential reading.  Follow Ban here: Instagram, Twitter 

PIlates PT - Hollie Grant, found of The Model Method, is a pilates instructor, business owner, podcaster, author and all round wonderful person. I was fortunate enough to be on her podcast 'The Strong not Skinny Podcast' and was blown away by her empathy, inclusivity and life long approach to health and fitness.  If you are looking to change the way you see movement, Holly is the one for you.  She also has a bloody cute puppy called Sandy.  Follow Hollie here: Instagram, Twitter

Also make sure you check out: Melissa Weldon, Hannah Lewin & Tome Levi