The Return

Hello one and all, I thought it was time to write a short post to let you know than I am still indeed here and will be back to writing properly very soon.  As is such the way with life, things get in the way and I actively decided to not make my blog a priority.  Despite having plenty to write about, I have honestly felt uninspired and unsure how to proceed with what I had started.  I am slowly coming out of this hole and feel very positive about some projects I have coming up.

Saying that, I haven't just been sitting on my booty the last few months and have been writing and speaking as much as possible about mental health and fitness.  So below you will find a little round up of what I have been up to over the summer.

The Evening Standard - Mental Health in the Metropolis

In June I filmed a piece for The Evening Standard about the difficulties of living with a mental health condition whilst living in London.  I talk about my struggles with public transportation, the isolation of living in a big city and the emotional strength that can be found through exercise. you can watch the film here.

Health Bloggers Community Magazine

The utterly wonderful Fab Giovanetti asked me to write a post about the non aesthetic benefits of exercise and how there is so much more to training that simply striving for abs.  You can find the article here.

The Shaw Mind Foundation

The Shaw Mind Foundation is a mental health charity aimed at fighting and redressing mental health injustices.  It is their aspiration to ensure that treatment and recovery from mental health problems is made available to all, regardless of location, financial situation or the nature of their illness. Mental health doesn’t discriminate; neither should geography or financial status.  

I wrote a guest post for their blog on reclaiming control of my body from anxiety.  You can read the post here.

Travelling Lines

Emily's wonderful site is all about challenging expectations and allowing yourself to go after that adventure you have always imagined.  It is about being brave even when you feel like you cannot.  She believes in 'Intrepidness' - inspiring the female adventurers of the future.  I wrote a guest post for Emily on how I went from regular panic attacks to hiking 40 miles through the night to raise money for Mind.  You can read the post here.

I promise I will be back soon with new content and some really exciting and positive projects I hope you will love.

p.s Anyone who knows me will know I have spent the entire summer obsessed with Twin Peaks, so I had to get the reference in somewhere...